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Shop and Field Services


Control Valves

Dump Valves

Ball Valves

Meter Proving

Accuracy is essential when it comes to meter proving. Failing to do so could end up costing you a lot of money or an entire project. Our meter staff has over 20 years of experience in the meter proving industry. Equipped with state of the art provers, our experienced technicians can prove meters in-house or will travel to client facilities to conduct field meter proving. We provide a full service that includes inspection, cleaning, bench prove w/h2o, program totalizer, as well as all the proper paperwork. Our in-house volumetric bench prover is able to prove ⅜” to 4” turbines. We also provide Mobile meter proving up to 3” with our fully equipped volumetric meter proving units are completely enclosed and winterized to allow for year-round service.

Parts Sales

  • We have a large selection of all different types of Instrumentation and Electrical parts, along with access to any parts vendor in North America at our disposal. Our team is highly resourceful and can help you find what you’re looking for.
  • We carry a very large inventory to be able to best service our customers in the Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Free In-Town Delivery Service – Available for Parts Sales worth over $500


  • We build our Rental Fleet custom tailored to our customers’ needs.
  • We also have a large assortment of Falcon deadweights, CVS pressure pilots, and chemical pumps available. Simply tell us what you need and we will get it for you.

Our shop is designed to handle various repairs and projects

  • Valve repair and rebuild
  • All valves are rebuilt and tested to manufacturer specifications
  • Instrument repair and calibration
  • Electrical panel design and fabrication
  • Control panel design and fabrication
  • Chemical pump repair and rebuild
  • Oil and gas process equipment repair and rebuild

All our units are Measurement Canada compliant and certified every two years as per Alberta Energy Utilities Board standards.