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E&I Maintenance Services

Maintenance services offer the highest value to clients when they are designed around agility. Our extensive maintenance experience has allowed us to develop our processes and systems, but empowered us to adapt to our client’s needs while maintaining compliance with governing bodies. Our specialized team is here to support your project and keep your production running efficiently and safely.

Preventative Maintenance:

Our Five Step Program Include:

Identify Recurring Problems

This involves looking at what is the root cause of downtime, as well as looking at alarm and shutdown logs. We build a trend for recurring problems and create a list that prioritizes best, by going by production loss and safety issues. We have found in the past that getting the Board Operators to document a list of any significant outages i.e: Instrument or Ops Callouts is very helpful to quickly identify a trend.

Provide a Solution

We involve all parties i.e; Engineering, Operations, Construction, etc. and come up with the most cost-effective solution to address specific issues and create an action plan to complete the job.

Communicate The Updates

After the problems are resolved, we make sure to push the information forward to all parties to ensure new construction isn’t being done the old way.

Build a PM Structure for Anything Safety and Production Related

To ensure compliance and safety we use the intervals that have been established by the manufacturers and regulatory bodies. This involves presenting a recommended PM schedule based on our experience with certain devices. For example; Compressors get a complete PM every year and a checkup every six months, whereas gas calibrations will be quarterly. Shutdown devices will be planned for T/A or annual online if an outage is not planned. Also, we build document templates that are updated every time a new piece of equipment is added.

Review Cost

After the first year of PM’s, we review the cost associated and the runtime increase, so we can address any changes the customer would like to make to the PM plan.

We strongly believe in Communication and Documentation to avoid future complications. It is our priority to ensure all parties involved are aware of the proposed changes and that our team champions the task of approving any changes to the program.

Meter Proving

Our Equipment:

  • Field Volumetric Prover
  • Shop High Volume Bench Prover
  • Portable Bench Prover
  • Master Meters from ½” to 2”

Along with our Meter Proving Equipment, we give the flow line a checkup. We also:

  • Check the line for any passing valves
  • Rebuild or repair any turbine on site
  • We are fully compliant with AER Regulations
  • All equipment is ABSA Certified

We Have Experience In

  • Gas measurement calibrations
  • End device testing and calibrations
  • Plant and field station turnaround
  • Valve repair
  • Blanket gas testing
  • Fire and gas detection
  • Compressor panel calibration and testing
  • Pipeline ESD pressure shutdown testing
  • Maintenance program development
  • Development and implementation programs in order to satisfy manufacturer’s recommendations and regulatory requirements